Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Gift Vouchers ?

Yes, we sell gift vouchers for all of our rides, except the 15 minute one.
You can call us with your requirement, pay by credit card and we will mail the voucher to you in one of our gift cards.
If you prefer, we will personalise a voucher and email it to you.

Do I need to make a booking ?

You don’t have to but if you just rock up, prepare to wait for a free slot if we are busy.
It only takes a quick phone call to book your preferred slot and we will hold your Jet Skis back for you

When is the best time of day to go Jet Skiing ?

We believe that the mornings are generally less windy and make for a less bumpy ride.
However, the afternoon sea breeze doesn’t generally put anyone off.
We do prefer to go touring in the mornings though.

What do we need to wear ?

It is a water based activity, so be prepared to get wet.
Boardies, bikinis, street clothes, we have seen it all
Early and late in the season, you may need a rashy and some of the ladies might like a springy to keep the spray off

Can I bring my child with me ?

Of course you can bring the kids. If we have a jacket to fit them, they can go with Mum or Dad.
They will absolutely love the experience. Little ones can go in front of the driver and bigger ones behind.
In most cases, you will have trouble getting them off

Do I need some kind of marine license ?

The short answer is NO.
No Skippers Ticket or Experience is required.

How many of us can go out at one time ?

Although all of our Jet Skis are 3 seaters, we reccomend that inexperienced riders get the hang of riding without any passengers first and then try with just the one. If you are going on a tour, then no more than 2 adults or the driver and 2 small children. If you are freestyling, then 2 is fine but to really get a feel for handling and performance, try at least a few laps solo. You will love it

Do you offer any discounted packages ?

Yes, we specialise in Corporate Packages where discounts will apply for larger groups requiring more than 4 hours Jet Ski time. Rates can be provided to event organisers on request.

Where are you guys ?

Although we don’t have a physical address on the water, the nearest street address for the purposes of GPS, is Avon Court, Dawesville, 6211.
The Location page of this web site shows a map of roughly where we can be found.